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YouTube channel

So, what are the gray channels on YouTube - these are the channels onto which other people's videos are uploaded. Simply put, the authors of gray channels do not create their own authoring content, but take video from other channels and upload to their own. For more details, see the get youtube views link.

How to make money on the gray YouTube channel

You can earn on the gray YouTube channel in two ways:

Through content monetization

By collecting traffic to a specific platform (website, sales funnel, subscription page, author’s video, etc.)
The goal of gray channels is to capture as many people as possible according to certain key queries on your topic and distribute such videos on the Internet so that people will know about you.

How to create a gray channel

The gray channel on YouTube is created in the same way as a regular author’s channel. Those. you register a new account on Google+, and from there you open your channel.

The gray channel should correspond to a certain topic and be optimized for keywords.

The benefits of gray channels

Gray channels on YouTube are more attractive to authors, because have several advantages:

Quick channel creation (you just need to decide on a theme)
A lot of other people's video content, which remains to be slightly changed or corrected
Easy video creation - gluing pieces of other people's videos
Fast monetization revenue
For quick monetization of gray channels, videos are supposed to be uploaded daily to the channel. But YouTube introduced a restriction: earlier in 1 day it was possible to upload up to 300 videos to the channel, now this number has been limited to 10. That is You can upload up to 10 videos a day to YouTube channel, otherwise you’ll get a ban!

The disadvantages of gray channels

In fact, the disadvantages of the gray channels on YouTube often outweigh their advantages, so think a few times if you need a gray channel:

Lack of own brand. Usually gray channels are always anonymized, which means that the author is unknown to us;
Using someone else’s video content. I often come across on YouTube myself: I watched one video on one channel, came to another channel on a similar request - the same video, but with a different title I see it already there;
High probability of a ban. Especially if the gray channel uses video without a Creative Commons license. YouTube’s standard license or ContentID’s authorship prohibits the use of such videos on other people's channels;
In the case of Ban, YouTube will have to open a new channel;
In the case of closing the gray channel - the loss of your entire audience, which means traffic (if the goal was to collect it);
Failure of media networks to work with gray channels. Google AdSense asks for video attribution.
Gray channels on YouTube should be created based on some rules:

Open one channel per Google+ account. In the case of a ban, you will lose only one channel;
Do not use ContentID-licensed videos on your channel;
Before uploading any video of someone else to the gray channel, you need to upload it to the buffer channel. A buffer channel is not a monetized or optimized channel for checking other people's videos for strikes and warnings. If youtube gives you a warning when uploading someone else’s video to the buffer channel, then it’s clear that such a video cannot be uploaded to your main channel!
The channel should be uploaded video in HD quality;
Mandatory systematic uploading of videos (ideally daily in an amount of up to 10 pieces).
How to use gray channels to collect traffic

There is a certain strategy of gray channels, which allows you to use them to collect traffic.

Several gray channels are created and one foreign video is taken, which is reproduced using a special program to uniquely video for specific keywords.

Further, these correctly optimized videos (otherwise all the work is in vain) are poured onto gray channels and begin to collect a large amount of traffic, which, using annotations from the video, is redirected to the white channel with the author’s videos. And already from the white channel there is a link to a subscription page or a sales funnel. Thus, using gray channels you can monetize your white channel through the sale of your goods, services or information products.

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